Many vehicle owners are those who make errors towards choosing their tyres. It is necessary to know that the tyre choice should not be picked at random. Rather, certain criteria must be considered and should match the vehicle?s description. Below are the criteria to take into account when choosing your tyres. Currently, there are hundreds of brands of tyres that exist. It therefore becomes difficult for the driver to choose the correct tyres for his/her vehicle. It should be noted, first and foremost, that not every tyre is suitable for every vehicle. For that reason, one must take the necessary precautions in choosing ones tyres. Knowing certain criteria before buying your tyres will do you well.

Take notice of your type of vehicle

Certainly, there exists lots of different tyre brands, but one must be aware that not all will suit the vehicle?s description. To every vehicle type, there are precise tyres. Take into consideration that the manufacturer?s recommendations should be respected. For example, speed and load index should be noted. As well as that, the original tyre dimensions should be kept. Furthermore, the four tyres you opt for should be identical.

The climate conditions are important too

Climatic hazards like snow, fog, rain, sleet and high wind can have a negative effect on your tyres. For that reason, you should choose tyres that work well in that particular season. For example, during the summer you can opt for Summer tyres and for Winter you can choose Winter tyres. However, there are tyres suitable for both Summer and Winter.

Take into account your driving style

Many make the error of not thinking about their usage of the vehicle before buying tyres. However, it is also important to take into account your style of driving. For example, a city car and a car often driven on a motorway would not have the same tyres.

Which tyres are suitable for a drive on the motorway ?

If you are usually driving on a motorway, the best option will be to get ?high performance? tyres. They have the advantage of being suitable for all climates and will permit you to drive in full safety. Your choice will have to be based on stable tyres with favourable adherence. Tyres must also be of good quality with a short braking distance.

Which tyres are suitable for a sports car ?

For a sports car, it is vital to make sure that handling is maintained. It will be necessary to choose tyres that ensure adherence. Which tyres should be used in an urban area ? For driving through the city, one must first of all choose tyres that save fuel. Also, they must be durable and have a long life. They must also have a shorter braking distance.